Response to Cost Benefit Analysis for Chesterton Bridge FOI 7177

The following comments are based on the Cost Benefit Analysis for Chesterton Bridge  and released under FOI 7177 made by Chris Smith on 14/11/16.  The report is dated 6/10/16 conducted by WYG in October 2016. This has not been listed on the council website, but is published here :  foi_7177_app1-cost-benefit-report  There is also a covering letter (FOI_7177_RESPONSE foi_7177_res-council-response).

The Cost-Benefit Modelling as presented appears to have used incorrect figures and underestimated costs and overestimated benefits.

The model itself appears unsuitable under Treasury Green Book guidance, since no allowance is made for environmental impacts nor for a QRA.

Nevertheless the model – even including the most optimistic parameters and non-economic “health” and “ambience” benefits – still shows the scheme costs far more to build than the benefits ever are – close to 40 to 1 – costs to benefits i.e. spend £40 get £1 back.  We think in reality the ratios will be far worse.  The benefits for congestion are minimal.

Due to the adverse effects caused by the scheme on the environment and landscape, the scheme would need to demonstrate both sustainability and overriding public benefit to proceed. We do not believe that this is the case, and that the scheme is unsustainably economically and environmentally. Continue reading

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Sophie’s video on Chisholm Trail route choice

A very nice and concisely put case as to why the present route choice is the worst one available :

 ( She is so polite. )
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Cambridge Cycling Campaign don’t like our right to petition

We have a new petition online, which asks for the City council to more carefuly consider the application for the northern Chisholm Trail. Find our more and sign it here. The reason why – heavy environmental impacts and near absence of supporting information, whilst avoiding cheaper and more logical alternatives – a familiar City Deal formula.

The Cambridge Cycling Campaign have launched a petition attacking our right to raise these impertinent questions.  We reply to their petition below.

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Planning response C/5007/16/CC cycleway from Coldhams Lane to River Cam

The following is our response as made on 7/10/16.

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Additional comments on Abbey Chesterton Bridge

We have added some more comments about the bridge on landscape and archaeology.

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Save our rivers and meadows : petition against Chisholm Trail and Abbey-Chesterton Bridge

We are busy discussing whether we can have a petition after our previous petition was rejected on a technicality. The following is our draft text : Continue reading

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Response to 16/1375/OUT | A phased redevelopment of the football stadium

Dear City Council

Our following comments are in connection with the Abbey Road Stadium improvements 16/1375/OUT | A phased redevelopment of the football stadium.

We welcome this application as an excellent opportunity for the community and club to secure improvements to the grounds and surrounds, but are nervous of the details as supplied and the present density and massing of buildings along the western edge, especially western stand. Continue reading

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