City Deal application for works on common May 2017

City Deal have applied for permission to dig up the main route across the common that runs between Coldhams Lane and Newmarket Road.    We assume that it includes that :

  • The track will be resurfaced and widened and therefore sections will be closed.  This may or may not affect access to the Cambridge United grounds west and south stands.
  • The underpass under the railway line will be closed for an unknown length of time to make the underpass deeper.  This will prevent all access north of the railway line.
  • The culvert across Coldhams Brook will be replaced with a cycle bridge and therefore closed for a time, but also will no longer be suitable for vehicle access. Trees will be felled here for construction.
  • The exit onto Newmarket Road will be closed (?). No details.
  • A much wider width will be cleared for construction and there may be compounds on the common

The footpath to Abbey Pool is not being resurfaced and is not included in the application.

There are no proposals for replacement land for any tarmaced over.

We are not clear how long or how much access across the common will be closed ( including to the football ground ).  The planning permission for the works have not yet been determined, so the application appears premature.

City Deal have applied to the Secretary of State for permission to construct sections of the Chisholm Trail on Coldhams Common.  The proposals are thin on detail and do not include a timetable.  City Deal say 18 weeks, but we understand it will take longer. 18 weeks is the maximum that the Secretary of State can allow.

The documents are all attached here :

  1. Application form Application form S38 form_extended_oct16 v1 CL61 A
  2. Indicative alignment in relation to rights of way Definitive paths 5040130_HW_CCWC_101_B
  3. Example design for culvert replacement Culvert P_5040130_BR_GA_201_B_
  4. Example design for new footbridge New bridge P_5040130_BR_GA_500_C
  5. Example design for cattle grid Cattle grid p_5040130_hw_ccwc_106_a
  6. Existing structures Existing structures p_5040130_hw_ccwc_103_A
  7. Existing fencing on common Existing fences P_5040130_HW_CCWC_102_A
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