Save Ditton Meadows : Petition against Chesterton Bridge application

The application for the Chesterton-Abbey Bridge will have significant impacts on Ditton Meadows.  Many people have not been able to respond due to the council website crashing or being away on holiday.  The application was made with little publicity at the height of the holiday season. We hope to fix  this by a petition.

The petition

A petition via Cambridge City about the bridge application as submitted also deals with many common issues  for City Deal e.g. the severity of environmental impacts, but also poor design, lack of information, poor consultation and due process.  You can find it here  : or type “Cambridge City Council petitions” into Google and then look for “Save_Fen_Ditton_Meadows”.

What will it achieve

If there are enough signatures the City/County/South Cambs will call a Joint Development Control Committee to discuss the issues.  Anyone resident in Cambridgeshire or with a business interest/job in Cambridgeshire can sign it.

Closing date for petition is 30 August, which allows those who on holiday more timeto make their voices heard.

Why should I sign ?

You may feel that the impacts on wildlife, landscape and the environment are outweighed by the benefits for cyclists.

However Cambridgeshire is a beautiful wildlife-rich place to live. Sometimes it is taken for granted that this always has been and always will be the case. This planning application – on one of the most sensitive sites in Cambridge – merits the strongest scrutiny possible, but is incoherent and lacks objective assessment on the significance of its’ impacts.

How can I help ?

Please pass this on to people you feel might be interested. Your help would be much appreciated in promoting it on-line.

You can also object up to the 18 August.

Cambridge deserves better.

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