Update on petition – a slight refinement based on feedback

Following feedback from people on the common, we have decided to refine the petition.  A lot of people were worried that the council might waste as much money taking fences down as they did putting them up.   [e-bay could be an option, although I am not sure what postage would be like on a 964m fence.] Anyway something picked up on as a real worry.

We are therefore going to add that they shouldn’t waste large amounts of money on contractors, and that they reuse or recycle any materials.

I am more than happy to assist for free in taking down any fences.

Two more things :

1. The very nice people at “Just for pets” http://www.justforpets.uk.com opposite the Barnwell Road entrance have agreed to keep a copy of the petition on their shop counter, so that you can do your shopping for your dog/cat/gerbil/goldfish/budgie and sign at the same time.  They have a wide range of goods and gifts for all your pet needs ……..[Sponsorship slots are available on this blog by the way ].

2. Some people are having problems with the council’s online consultation timing out or prefer a paper copy.  There are forms at the Abbey Pool, but if you want one delivering please ask and we will get you one.

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