Dog control areas affecting access onto Coldham’s Common

The council is introducing new measures to deal with dogs in the city.  One of these will be “dog exclusion” areas, and another “dogs on leads” areas.  Some of it is fair enough – such as no dogs in toddler’s play area.  If introduced in its present form however “dog exclusion” areas will prevent you as a dog walker from accessing the common ( even with a dog on the lead ) by :
– walking across the skate park, basketball pitch and swings on Coldhams Lane
– walking along the southern stream side by Abbey Pool ( this isn’t the play area, so no idea why )

Online consultation is at

You can respond by :
Online survey :
email to Wendy Young, Enforcement Officer, at
visit the Customer Service Centre [ Good luck ! ]
write to Dog Warden Service, PO Box 336, Cambridge CB1 2WS

Check the maps below for the proposals.

Closing date for consultation is 8 February.

There will be a display at the Dog Control Orders – public consultation at Eastern Area Committee on 10 January, which will shows specific proposals for the East Area. Check – Vicky has volunteered to pop along and check for us.

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