Friends of Coldhams Common petition set for debate 17 January at 1.30

Pat handed in the last set of written signatures to the council on Friday 28 December. We will let you know how many people signed in due course – I suspect around 100 – and 49 also signed the online petition.

As a result of your resolute support, the petition condemning the management on Coldham’s Common, in particular grazing, gating and fencing, is to be debated at Community Scrutiny Commitee on Thursday, 17th January, 2013 at 1.30 pm.  Full details of the meeting are here ==>: details of Community Scrutiny committee meeting

We have 5 minutes to present our case, and then there is a 15 minute debate.  We are hopeful that the council might see sense and not continue to waste more money on this hopeless project or possible legal costs.  

If you were someone who we didn’t get asked ( we are soooooo sorry ) , but wants to sign there is still time to sign online here ===> e-petition . Or have friends or family who would like to as well !  [ It runs until 14/1/13 ]

Your support at the meeting would also be appreciated if you have time.  Let’s see some local democracy in action !

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