Council threaten Coldham’s Common ! – Play Area consultation closes 11/1/13

Here goes another piece of the common to City Council developments !

City Council are busy consulting on rebuilding the Abbey Play area, which is well needed. You may not realise it, but this whole area is actually common land.

Woodland on common near Abbey Pool

However inevitably simply upgrading the existing area of common isn’t enough and they want to fell and develop another area as well.  This would involve the felling of trees and presumably tarmacing of an area of woodland to the south of the pool / east of the all-weather pitches.  Look at ==>

Consultation for play areas ; or at the top of the page on Council online survey

and then compare it with Google maps to see how we will lose another piece of common : Google map of common

It would be unfair to say that this has already been decided, but you should note that the council started clearing this area in autumn 2012.

Woodland clearance by council on proposed teenager play area
Woodland clearance by council on proposed teenager play area

Please can you object to this on the council’s online poll ==>:

Council online survey

There is no limit to the number of people in your household who can do the survey, but it closes on Friday January 11th.  You may also wish to say whether you feel running the gauntlet of cows and cow pats from the new proposed grazing scheme would actually make this area inaccessible to users.


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