History of common : 1910 to 1919

The following are taken from Volume 6 “Commons Committee” : 6th May 1910 to 21 November 1919.

p110 :  27.6.13

“A letter was read from the Medical Officer of Health stating that he had written to the Coldham’s Laundry Co., asking them to abate the nuisance arising from the effluent discharged into the drain next Coldham’s Common forthwith.

A letter was read from Mr. Anderson with regard to a horse belonging to him which was killed on Coldham’s Common through being chased by boys.

Agreed that Everitt, the Gatekeeper at Coldham’s Common be informed that if he requires assistance in order to prevent boys injuring the stock he must apply to the police.

Agreed that the attention of the Watch Committee be called to the way in which boys chase the horses and other cattle on various Commons.”

p144 : 26.5.13

The following refers to the original “Bathing Place” at what is now the Abbey Pool. The path is the one leading across the common to it  :

“The letter from the Cambridge Labour Party with regard to the construction of a path on Coldham’s Common and the improving of the Bathing Place there, also called attention to the pollution of the stream by the Laundry Company was read and the committee proceeded to visit the Common and it was Agreed :
(i.) that the Bathing Place be cleaned out this year and that the Committee be advised to consider a larger scheme for widening it next year.
(ii.) That the Town Clerk write to Mr Beales asking him to remove the barbed wire fence on the common and either set back the present fence or erect a new fence on his own boundary.
(iii.) That the attention of the Medical Officer of Health be again called to the pollution of the public drain on Coldham’s Common by the Laundry Company.”

p241 : 1.6.17

The common was formerly only open for stock during daytime hours, which may explain the following entry :
“Agreed that the question of the hours of opening and closing of Coldham’s Common for stock during the summer months be referred to the Sub Committee for consideration.

Agreed that the attention of the Military Authorities be called to the barbed wire on Coldham’s Common and the consequent damage to cattle grazing there.”

p255 : 1.2.18

Parts of the common may have been ploughed in the war, which continued until November 1918 :
“A notice was received from the Cambridgeshire War Agricultural Executive Committee as to ploughing up a portion of Coldham’s Common. Agreed that the Chairman with the Town Clerk and the Borough Surveyor be asked to meet Mr. Adie, the Secretary of the above Committee , and that they be empowered to do what is necessary in the matter.

Letters were read from the owners with regard to the complaints made of horses turned on the Commons duirng the recent inclement weather.”

[Mention of an Allotments Committee on same page ]

p258 : 8.3.18

“Agreed that the tenants of the railway allotments next Coldham’s Common be allowed to cart manure across the Common until the end of March, but that in future years permission be only given to cart over the Common during the winter months up to February 13th.”

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