History of Common : 1849 to 1857

The following are from Vol 1 : 1849 to 1857 of the Commons Committee [REF A0013373].  These are handwritten, but are difficult to read and have no index .

p61 : May 22 1856

Brown, the Pindar, states that the Bridge Road, running to Coldham’s Common requires repair and that there are several loads of stones [ ?] on Coe Fen which [would] be sufficient for such repairs. Agreed to get a Count and [?] the stones accordingly.

p63 : June 6 1856

The minutes as to the encroachment of James Wallis on Coldhams Common was read.
The Award of Barnwell Parish was produced – ordered that the Town Clerk write to the Surveyors of St Andrews the Less and draw their attention to the above encroachment request them to report to this committee on or before the 12th

Letter inserted into minutes :

Cambridge June 12th 1856
Mr Cooper Esq
In compliance with the request of the Common’s Committee we have been and examined the encroachment made by Mr James Wallis on Coldham’s Common. We find such encroachment extending to the length of one hundred and ninety eight yards and an average width off three yards, the depth of these cuttings is about eight feet and nearly vertically directed, so that the width from encroachment will be continually increasing from atmospheric influence. The commons committee having cognizance of the infringement, we have no doubt they will adopt such proceedings as will lead for a just and equitable rectification.

We are Sir, your obedient servants

George King, [?] Wallis, Robert Palmer, Andrew Phillips, Surveyor of the Parish of Saint Andrews the Less[?]

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